This book emphasizes the benefit of free manual sketching at the start of a project in architecture, urban planning or design.

The creative, investigative hand-brain interaction is explained.

Several basic sketching techniques are presented.


Visualising an idea

The hand and the brain

Pad, Mad and Cad

On creativity

Continuing with digital tools

The early sketch

Final words



Basic theory of perspective

for free sketching

Gaining depth of image

The line, pencils and modelling materials

Flow, connections and other invisibles

Signs to think with

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”Recommended”!   Gert Wingårdh – Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB

”The digital World is truly fascinating. But the eye-thought-hand-sketch is still the origin of creation. Read Arne Branzell's book.”

Mårten Claesson – Claesson Koivisto Rune Arkitektkontor AB

”Arne Branzell's highly topical and visionary book "The Searching Sketch", speaks directly to the project manager who wants a stable ground in a computerised world.”

Abelardo Gonzalez – Abelardo Gonzales Arkitektkontor AB