My research has mainly been concerned with space experiences and how the architect tries to find the best solution. I have proposed a non-verbal language which can act as a reminder of resulting space experiences, when the physical prerequisites are formulated.



1) ”Att notera rumsupplevelser” (licentiate degree) (”Notating Space Experiences) BFR T76 T1:197  (ISBN 91-7032-411-5)

2)” Något om…”Liten skissbok om det upplevda rummet” (”On the…” A little sketchbook on experienced space”) Published -89 -95 and 2007 (ISBN 91-797-165-3)

3) In a  DVD disc the subject is presented in English and in Swedish.

4) ”Visualisation of the invisible”;”Perceptual forces between and around objects ” together with Young Chul Kim.
(ISBN 91-7197-059-2)

    This report is the result of a year-long study of how different persons react when exposed to different full-scale objects. Three of the gestalt laws were found to be valid not only when observing two-dimensional pictures but also when confronted with three-dimensional objects.

5) A skilled architect's way of searching för the best solution has been investigated together with Mikael Hedin in: Den sökande bilden: ”Fallet” Bo Cederlöf; (The Searching picture: ”the Case” Bo Cederlöf)1990 (ISBN 91-7032–596–0)

Design Methods 95:1

6) ”The searching picture ” (Paper presented at The International Conference on Theories and Methods of Design, 14–15 May 1992 at the School of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden) is based on studies of a collection of sketches from various skilled architects. Ten hypotheses for the architect's way of seeking out best solution were presented.


Other researchs

7) Together with psychologist  Kit Sjöberg: ”Visualisering av planeringsdata” (Grant BFR Bb 303)

8) Together with Mikael Hedin: ”Visualisering” (Chalmers1980– 1992)

9) Part in  ”Bygghandlingar 90” (Byggstandardiseringen, BST)

     Many lectures for unversities : CTH, KTH, KV, HDK, Skolan för landskapsarkitekter i Alnarp, Konstindustriskolan i Göteborg, Stenebyskolan, Länstyrelsen, trafikavdelningen på Stadsbyggnadskontoret i Göteborg, Vägverket, Boverket et cetera…


Available from Witu AB 2013

1) ”Den Sökande skissen” – Bearbetad, kompletterad

2) ”The Searching Sketch” – English version of 1 (revised)

3) ”Något om …” – Bearbetad, kompletterad

4) ”On the ….” – English version of 3 (revised)