Physical drawings are needed to erect a building.

But what do they tell us about future space experiences?

This book introduces a mental tool to “read” the drawings, and to

notate expected physical consequences when in use.


Presenting a way of thinking

Imagine …

It is as if …

In all dimensions …

With all senses …

It has force and tensions

With some additions

The three temporal space experiences

The feeling bubble

On dynamics in space experience

Your mood and the bubble

On the choosen bubble

On around and between

On “Gestalts”

People and objects

People meeting in space

On the reach of senses

On signs to think with

Notes from a visit to a changeable room

Applied and exemplified with

A flat and a living rooms

Two walks

All sorts of squares

Two particular squares

Experienced space then and now

On spaces demonstrating power

Captured space

And finished with

Some cursory notations

Two houses

Spaces in motion

The sky as a roof or infinity

The garden in Sakai

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