Earlier commissions: Office buildings: habitations, residential areas, schools, student homes, multi-storey car parks, supermarket, sports hall, detached houses and others.

Town planning



Göteborg: Grimmereds By, Bigården, Town plan for Hildedal.

(Nominated for SPA's award for best town planning 1989),

The Assberg district in Kinna an others.

Traffic Architecture, for instance road connecting Volvo with Hammarkullen, Göteborg

New improved south highway entrance to Hälsingborg,

Environmental consequenses connected with a proposed road through the Delsjö Nature Reserve, Göteborg

Villa Rune

Villa Sven

Villa Hagman


Current 2013

Johan's house

Villa Hans

Villa Hedberg

Ecological village in Hällesås



Town planning (examples)


Bigården, Göteborg

Grimmereds By, Göteborg


Assberg, Kinna

Munkedal (space analysis)

Hildedal, Hisingen

Ecological Village, Mölndal

Ecological Village, Mölndal