Arne Branzell (1932-10-02)


Designer for Kosta Glass Works 1964-65,

Kosta Boda 1975-1980,

Orrefors 1980-1982, Holmegaard A/S, Royal Copenhagen 1984-1987

1987 – free glass artist



School of Design and Crafts in Göteborg

Chalmers University of Technology

(Architect's degree)

Licentiate degree in Design methods

The New York Experimental Workshop.



"The Sea" Röhsska konstslöjdmuseet 1964

"Different" Lidköping 1978

"Between bowl and wall" Läckö slott 1979

"New Glass" Corning Glass Museum New York.  1979-1980

"Swedish Glass" Skagen Danmark 1979

"Orrefors" at NK Stockholm 1981

"Unique art glass" Rosa galleriet Göteborg 1982

"Glass in freedom" Lunds Konsthall 1983

"Glass" Röhsska konstslöjdmuseet 1983

Galleri Bruce Linköping 1984

Uddevalla Konsthall 1985

Galleri Ikaros Göteborg 1986

Galleri Ikaros Göteborg 1988

Galleri Ikaros 1992

"Glassware  for joy" Växjö glasmuseum 1992-19­93

Galleri Glas Stockholm dec. 1992

Galleri Ikaros 1993

Galleri Glas I 1993

Bergrummet, Konstepidemien Gbg 1994

"Glass and light" (Internordic)

Design Forum in Malmö 1996

"Glass­Light" 1997

Röda Sten (together with Olle Langert) 1997



Corning Glass Museum, Rochester,

New York State

Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark

Smålands museum,Växjö, Sweden

Röhsska konstslöjdmuseet, Sweden

Emmaboda Glass collection, Sweden






Flowers from

Draculas' garden

Next Stop 47 Street



Double Vase

Gaia (Glass come

to a standstill)



(“Night of Culture” 1998)

Production glassware

Wine glass

The Service set “Louise”

The “Pelikan” jug

Sport prizes









Current project 2013

Glass installation in a forest on an island near Göteborg

Glassware for production

Design for Kosta 1965-1966 and
Kosta Boda 1975­-1980 Glass Works:

Salladbowls  3 sizes Kosta

Vases in crystal Kosta, 2 sizes

Special glasses for the table for Kosta Boda:

Boda Red Wine

Boda White Wine

Boda White Wine Carafe

Boda Cognac

Boda Liquer

Boda Martini

Boda Kir

Boda Bourgogne

Boda Bourgogne Karaff

Boda Champagne

Sallad Bowls, 2 sizes

Kir glass

Anne Marie pot  2 sizes:

3-part inset bowl

5-part inset bowl

The Service set "Ann", 15 glasses

The Service set "Marie", 11 glasses

The Service set "Louise", 11 glasses



Adamas kontorshus 1990

IHM Business School 1991

Västra Frölunda Gymnasium 1995

(Together with Bror Stawe)

Performance at Götaplatsen "The Culture Night 1992" (Together with Åke Parmerud, Olle Langert, Bror Stawe and Kent Flood)

Design for Orrefors Glass works 1980-82:

1 Elliptical bowl with coloured threads

2 Round bowl

3 Vase

Rose keeper bowls ”Miranda” 2 sizes

Shrimp bowls ”Celesta” 2 sizes

Candlesticks 2 sizes

Vases ”Veronica” 5 variants

Paperweights 2 sizes

Shrimp bowls 2 sizes

Sport prizes: Tennis 2 sizes, Golf  1 size, Football  2 sizes


Design for Holmegaards Glass works,
(Royal Copenhagen) Danmark 1984­87:

Vases on foot 3 sizes

Straight lamps, cut  3 sizes

Lamps with inlaid air, 3 sizes